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Friday, July 19, 2024
What we do

In phase I there were 10 Sub-Recipients and Service Providers that each carried out an intervention under the coordination and management of the PR. 

This design proved effective for establishment, which was the focus of phase I, but with the focus shifting in phase II to strengthening and deepening existing interventions it was necessary to adjust the design to better accommodate this aim.

The new grant design is now a clustered approach where two SR’s manage all interventions, with each SR responsible for 5 countries hence the 2 cluster approach. 

 Cluster 1
 South Africa
 Cluster 2

Each SR along with the PR and RCM will be responsible for the implementation of the different modules of the grant. There are 4 modules in this new grant design, below is a snapshot of the modules of phase II:

TB Care Prevention


Health Information and M&E


Community Response & Systems


Programme Management