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Friday, July 19, 2024
Health Information and M&E

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Health Information

Good, reliable data drives quality health planning

Roll out the CBRS to strengthen continuity of care

This funding request will support a demonstration of the CBRS system in mining and labour sending areas according to the geospatial mapping. 30 facilities per country will participate in the demonstration. The process will involve training of users of the system; monitoring the use of the system and documenting lessons learnt; and support integration of CBRS into national systems.

RHMIS roll out

The funding request will support the roll out of the RHMIS (developed in phase I) through

  1. Installation and linking of the RHMIS system with the national HMIS and training users;
  2. Analysis of data and reporting to platforms at regional and national level (RCM, PIC, high level policy meetings, SADC ministerial meetings, national TWGs, sector meetings etc.); and
  3. Support SADC to maintain the system to ensure sustainability beyond the grant.

Development and dissemination of strategic information

The surveys conducted under the TIMS grant and data to be collected through the RHMIS will be utilized to develop strategic information products for different stakeholders. Implementation will involve dissemination of information products; development of country specific plans following dissemination; bi-annual M&E technical working groups meetings to review best practices, annual program performance reviews developing a system for ASM and community response data.

Updating and maintenance of the geospatial mapping

This intervention will involve:

  1. Production of spatial analysis highlighting hotspot areas for each country to support advocacy and planning; and
  2. Updating of the geospatial mapping with data sets such as mining information, population census data, compensation data, and health facilities information among others.