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Sunday, February 25, 2018
The Team


Dr Julian Naidoo - Chief of Party

Dr Julian Naidoo is the Chief of Party and is responsible for the overall implementation and governance of the TIMS Programme.  Julian has extensive experience in the health sector, managing complex and multi-country programmes.  He has worked in several settings including government, the private sector, development partners and academia. Julian holds several academic qualifications including masters and doctorate degrees in economics with concentrations in econometrics and health economics.  Before joining the TIMS programme, he managed a number of commercial enterprises and was the health sector lead partner for one of the big four consulting firms.  Through this innovative programme, he hopes to make a meaningful regional impact on TB in the mining sector and to improve the lives of key affected populations.

Dr Riedawaan Pillay - Deputy Chief of Party

Dr Riedawaan Pillay is the Deputy Chief-of-Party of the TIMS programme. He has worked for a large diversified mining group as Vice President of Health Safety and Environment. He also worked as an independent consultant (to mining industry) on health policy, strategy and process. Riedawaan is a medical doctor with postgraduate qualifications in Occupational Health and Business Management. In 2002 he was the Occupational Medicine practitioner of the year (NOSA). Riedawaan has developed and implemented an exposure reduction strategy for a global mining company, he has also chaired the International Manganese Institute (IMnI) Health and Safety committee. For Riedawaan TIMS is an opportunity change from a narrow focus of a single company’s health programme to a broader focus on changing the course of a public health crisis. He says that the TB prevalence in sub-Saharan Africa remains at epidemic proportions for more than a 100 years. The TIMS programme is an opportunity to make a dent in that and change the future of mine workers.

Allan Tarimo - Country Coordinator Tanzania


Annette Ching’andu - M&E Coordinator

Annette Ching’andu is a Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator on the TIMS programme. Prior to joining TIMS,  she served as a Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist at Habitat for Humanity International’s Regional Office, where she focused on setting up and implementing M&E systems on a project implemented in Ghana, Kenya, and Uganda. Annette holds a Bachelor’s degree in Demography from the University of Zambia, as well as a Maters in Public Health, focused on Maternal and Child Health from Witwatersrand University.  Annette feels that TIMS is an opportunity to put a dent into the massive cost that TB and HIV have had on some of the most vulnerable and disempowered members of our society.

Bavani Naidoo - Communications Manager
Bavani Naidoo is the communications manager on the TIMS programme. She has extensive media experience working as a journalist for both local and international media covering stories across the African continent.  Bavani co-produced the 2013 documentary “The Marikana Massacre” and has had an active interest in the mining sector since. She holds Honours degrees in Journalism and Philosophy from the University of Johannesburg, as well as an Honours Degree in Brand Leadership from VEGA. Before joining TIMS she worked for OSISA on their Southern African Resource Watch programme. Through the TIMS programme, she hopes to report a real change in the lives of miners, their families, and communities

Ben Allen - Risk and Compliance Manager

Ben Allen is the Risk and Compliance manager on the TIMS programme. He has been a Risk and Internal Audit Manager with Wits Health Consortium since 2011. Ben has extensive banking sector experience and holds a B-Tec in Credit Management and is currently completing an M-Tech in Business Administration at UNISA. For Ben TB in Mining is a critical health issue and he is honoured to assist and to contribute to capacity building of the financial and operational processes that will be implemented across country borders. These processes are developed to be sustainable and will assist in the health challenges that Africa currently faces.

Bright Chiranga- Senior Grants Manager 

Bright Chiranga is the Senior Grants Manager on the TIMS programme.  A development finance practitioner, he has worked in corporate economic and social development settings practicing financial and grants management, contracts and compliance management, capacity building, program management, resource mobilization, operations and procurement support for the country and regional programs funded by multilateral and bilateral institutions working in economic development and public health spheres. His extensive short – term country visits and long - term assignments working in projects with a regional footprint have provided him with broad field experience working with governments and non-governmental organizations at regional, national, and sub-national levels in Southern Africa countries and the Netherlands. A major career highlight was working as a Regional Capacity Building Advisor – Financial & Grants Management under a regional matrix implementation of USAID/PEPFAR and Global Fund grants. He holds a Bachelor of Business Studies (Finance & Banking) Honors. Degree (University of Zimbabwe) and a post – graduate Certificate in Credit Risk Management from the Management Development Unit, (University of Zimbabwe). Currently, he is studying for a Master of Philosophy degree in Development Finance with the University of Stellenbosch Business School in South Africa. He has received extensive training in donor funds and program management for Federal Awards and Global Fund. Through performing sound program and fund management under TIMS, he seeks to ingrain a culture amongst implementing partners that values cost efficiency and value for money through maximizing impact at the least cost possible thereby creating a compelling investment case for continued investment in the fight against TB. 

Eric Smith - Finance Manager

Eric Smith is the Financial Manager of the TIMS Programme. He has vast experience in the donor-funded sector, having worked in numerous countries including active war zones. Eric is a qualified Chartered Account (South Africa), with a BCom Accounting, BCopmt Honours in Accounting and a Post Graduate Diploma in Integrated Reporting. Before joining TIMS he worked for Sustainability Solutions, and Ernst and Young as an auditor. Through the TIMS programme, he hopes that the project will benefit the lives of miners, ex-miners, their families and the affected communities and that the TIMS programme will bring about long-term change in TB treatment in Southern Africa.

Dr John Mkandawire - M&E Specialist

Dr John Mkandawire is a public health specialist working as a Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist on the TIMS programme. His previous  experience includes managing large and complex public health programs funded by USAID and Global Fund focusing on sexual and reproductive health and rights of underserved populations. His country experience includes the United States of America and Southern Africa (Malawi, Mozambique, and South Africa). Prior to this role, John worked as a Project Director for the International Centre for Reproductive Health in Tete, Mozambique on a project whose aim was to increase uptake of sexual and reproductive health and rights services for sex workers and their male clients. He received his doctorate from Virginia Commonwealth University; MPH from Medical College of Virginia, MSW from  Virginia Commonwealth University and BS from George Mason University in the United States of America.

Kruger Kaswaswa - Country Coordinator Malawi

Kruger Kaswaswa is the Country Coordinator for TIMS Malawi country office. Kruger has over 15 years’ experience working with the National TB Programme in Malawi with his large multi-district teams, providing supervision and support with capabilities to manage the clinic and community-level initiatives in a systematic and efficient way. He has carried out innovative and promising case finding intervention providing enhanced household contact tracing through patient-delivered contact screening and Isoniazid preventive therapy eligibility with a focus in TB high-risk groups. Kruger conducted the “PACTS” trial an affordable and sustainable new TB screening model. Being an epidemiologist, he is a member of John Snow Society UK, The Research Institute of TB in Japan (RIT) and Research Fellow for Helse Nord TB Initiative (Malawi/Norway). He holds a Diploma in Clinical Medicine (Malawi), Diploma in TB Epidemiology (Japan), Master in Public Health (UK) and a Ph.D. in Epidemiology (Malawi).

Lilian Murenga - Country Coordinator Zimbabwe

Lilian Murenga is the country coordinator in Zimbabwe for TIMS. She worked as the Assistant Monitoring and Evaluation Officer for the Ministry of Health and Child Care on the TB Control Programme - AIDS and TB Unit, under the Global Fund Round 8, before joining TIMS. Under this post, she organised and participated in the National TB Reviews, conducted periodic data quality checks and on-site data verification for the purpose of ensuring that implementation of projects complies with requirements for the programme.  Lilian has a BSc degree in HIV/AIDS Management and Community Development and is completing a Masters in Strategic Management at the Chinhoyi University of Technology.  She participated in the planning, organising and conducting of training sessions in a TB Data Collection, Analysis and Utilisation Guidelines that were piloted in 3 provinces in Zimbabwe and this was the first of its kind in the country.  Through the TIMS programme, she hopes to help the miners, ex-miners, their families, and the surrounding communities by empowering them and to be responsible for their health.

Lovemore Tinarwo - M&E Coordinator

Lovemore Tinarwo is a Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator on the TIMS programme. He has over 17 years of experience in Monitoring and Evaluation of Public Sector and Health programs in Southern and West Africa. He co-authored a Monitoring and Evaluation Manual.  Lovemore held Senior Management positions with International Non-Governmental organisations that include The African Capacity Building Foundation, Catholic Relief Services Southern Alliance for Indigenous Resources and Zimbabwe Trust. He also worked for The Embassy of Canada in Harare, Zimbabwe. He holds a Master of Public Management degree, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Public Administration from Potsdam University, Germany. From the University of Zimbabwe, he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and a Post Graduate Diploma in Project Management. Presently, Lovemore is also a member of the Institute of Directors in Southern Africa. He will strive that all decisions by the TIMS program will be evidence based.

Mamonyooe Ramahlele - Office Manager

Mamonyooe Ramahlele is the office manager on the TIMS programme. Before joining the team she was a Project Coordinator for the WITS Centre for Rural Health. Mamonyooe has a B-Tech Degree in Project Management and a Degree in Marketing from the Central University of Technology in Bloemfontein. She has always had an interest in project management but working on projects that deal with public health issues, most notably HIV/AIDS and TB has been the highlight of her career. For Mamonyooe TIMS is an opportunity to be part of a team that will contribute to bringing a positive health change in the lives of miners and their families. 

Dr Moreshnee Govender - Occupational Health & TB Specialist

Dr Moreshnee Govender is the occupational health and TB specialist on the TIMS programme. She is a Public Health Medicine Specialist (MBChB (South Africa), FCPHM (South Africa) and also has a Diploma in Occupational health and Safety and an MSc (Sweden) in Ergonomics. Moreshnee’s been involved in teaching and the development of university accredited modules and courses in Occupational Health and Safety. Before joining the TIMS programme she was a senior lecturer at the University of the Witwatersrand (School of Public Health) and provided technical support to the South African partner (University of Witwatersrand) of the multi-country European Commission financed project called Social Determinants of Health Network (SDH-Net). Moreshnee is also an inventor and obtained a patent for her device that reduces muscular-skeletal loading when using computers.  For her TIMS is an opportunity to be part of a team that is able to contribute towards addressing the legacy issues related to mineworkers and make a difference in the region.


Otilie Lambert - Country Coordinator Namibia 

Otilie Lambert is the TIMS country coordinator in Namibia, she has worked for community health and developmental projects for 16 years, with a focus on HIV prevention, Social Behaviour Change Communication and Girls Education. The main focus of her work was to provide an oversight and technical assistance to sub-grantees, coordinate and advocate for improved health and livelihood in targeted communities, particularly focusing on marginalised and key populations. Similarly, advising and assisting programs on the need and importance of evidence-based planning, coupled with monitoring and evaluating their own programs was key. Currently, Otilie is pursuing an Honours Degree in Education (Rhodes University). She already holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Gender & Development Studies (UNAM), Diploma in HIV Management (UNAM), and Further Diploma in Educational Management (University of Potchefstroom). Otilie says that “TIMS means, I am an agent to steer networks to bring about change in the reduction of TB in the mining sector. This is an exciting opportunity to strengthen, lobby and advocate for networking and collaboration to rally behind the government in order to ensure mineworkers, ex-mineworkers, and their families’ health is holistically addressed”.


Sanelisiwe Tsela- Country Coordinator Swaziland

Sanelisiwe is the TIMS country coordinator in Swaziland, she is a programme specialist with extensive experience in the health sector specifically in the HIV and AIDS field, having worked for the National AIDS Council (NERCHA) and the UNFPA. Whilst at UNFPA, she provided overall leadership of the SRH/HIV and the Youth Portfolio for the agency working closely with government and its partners. Also while at NERCHA as the National M&E Coordinator, she was selected as part of the UNAIDS M&E Reference group to develop a guidance document on the “Organizing Framework for a Functional National HIV Monitoring and Evaluation System”. Before joining the TIMS programme she was worked at the Swaziland National TB Control Programme as the Monitoring and Evaluation Officer with the main responsibility to lead and coordinate the implementation of the NTCP M&E Plan 2015 – 2019. Sanelisiwe brings to TIMS coordination experience and a network of partnerships that she has acquired while working with the Ministry of Health and its partners.  She holds a Master’s in Public Health and a BA degree in Economics and Demography.   Sanelisiwe believes that the TIMS programme means contributing to changing the lives of the most vulnerable and most neglected, hard-working miners and their families in her country and the region as a whole.  


Selloane Mamathule Makhotla - Country Coordinator Lesotho

Selloane Mamathule Makhotla is the TIMS country coordinator in Lesotho Prior Joining the TIMS, Selloane served as Health and Social Development Coordinator at Lesotho Council of NGOs (LCN). Under this position her responsibilities included coordination of HIV and AIDS Technical Assistance project supported by the World Bank, the project included capacity building of civil society organisations to be able to effectively contribute to the implementation of the HIV and AIDS National Strategic Plan. Her role again involved collaborating with Ministry of Health National TB Programme to lead the implementation of activities aimed at increasing community involvement in the management and control of TB. Selloane obtained BA Public Administration and Sociology from the National University of Lesotho in 2006 and again enrolled in the Advanced Health Management Programme through Foundation for Professional Development. She has led the implementation of community projects and policy dialogues aimed at changing the health indicators of the Lesotho. She served as the Executive and Oversight Committee Member in the Lesotho Country Coordinating Mechanism. Selloane says the TIMS programme is an opportunity that will enhance her involvement and contribution in the national efforts aimed at addressing TB and HIV challenges in Lesotho.

Thandi Katlholo - Country Coordinator Botswana

Thandi Katlholo is a Country Coordinator for Botswana on the TIMS Programme. She has extensive national level experience with integrated responses to TB that is patient-centred and includes strong partnerships with communities and civil society. Thandi has become a recognized force in the improvement of community healthcare service delivery. She has worked on various public health programmes targeted at the marginalized and vulnerable communities both in the United Kingdom and Botswana. Her work utilizes concepts of advocacy, behaviour change theories and applied research methods in community-based practice settings. Thandi holds a Master of Science in Public Health from the University of Salford (UK) and is currently pursuing a PhD in Public Health with Walden University (US). She successfully completed a post graduate fellowship in Global Health Leadership with the University of Washington in 2014. Through the TIMS Programme she hopes to contribute to the Global plan to END TB 90-(90)-90 targets through actively engaging mining companies, government and local labour advocacy organization in addressing TB among miners, their families and communities.